Church Software: What is it?

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What is church software?

There is a lot of talk about church software and using technology for ministry.  Yet to those who may be less tech savvy the purpose and scope of church software may elude them. If you’re a church administrator or church secretary, please join in the discussion, give advice, and help us all find the best church software for our needs.

In a nutshell, church software is any computer application that is designed to help those in ministry accomplish their mission.  Church software applications range from web-based to desktop to mobile/tablet.  Many have found that more focused church software applications, that do few things really well, have served their needs better than “all-in-one” programs which may do many things, but are less than adequate at the end of the day.

What about church accounting software?

Some churches have purchased accounting software made by church software companies while many are using a donor tracking software in conjunction with small business accounting software.  In fact, more churches are using Quickbooks by Intuit than any other church accounting solution on the market.

So what is donor tracking software?

Donor tracking sofware lets the church software user manage and communicate with the people who are financially supporting the ministry.  Well designed donor tracking software lets the ministry see at a glance how their various funds and pledge drives are doing, as well as email statements to donors.  Regular communication with donors not only serve to communicate how the ministry is using the donations, but also as timely, non abrasive reminders that the funds are greatly needed, and to “please give again”.

Does online giving count?

Online giving is a great tool for donors.  It makes giving very easy and accessible.  It’s everything non-profits and churches have been dreaming of.  Most churches that implement online giving and are successful at getting donors to use it, see anywhere from a 5-15% increase in donations the first year.  This increase in giving is largely a result of recapturing “missed” contributions.  Under the “checks only” paradigm, many gifts are missed if a family is out of town, or forgets the checkbook that week.  Seldom to people “make up” that gift and give a double donoation the next time they are at church.

With online giving many donors set up recurring giving so they know the amount will automatically be sent to the church at the same time every two weeks or once a month.  It also makes it very easy for online giving donors to give at the “last minute” or give from their mobile device, or by using kiosks at the church.

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