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Save your church website as an app on your phone

Someone asked me recently how to save a web page, specifically a church directory or church website, as an icon on their device home screen.  If you have an online church directory, as many churches do, you may want to have instructions somewhere on your website that will help your congregants save that page of … Continue reading

5 Myths about online church software

There is a lot of mis-information regarding online church software. With the buzz of online church software comes a lot of misunderstandings and myths.  Over anxious sales people working high pressure jobs at large online church software companies are prone to mislead their prospects.  As a result, there are some myths to clear up: Myth 1: “With … Continue reading

Is online church software better than installed church software

To go online or local? That is the question. One of the most popular questions we face these days as church consultants, is whether we think online software is better than installed software. As unpopular as it may be, the answer is, “It all depends.” The main benefits of online church software, or web-based church … Continue reading

Should we use church software for membership tracking?

Today, more than ever, people who are going to church are looking for something authentic and real.  Many people were jaded by the hypocritical era of the way church ‘happened’ in the 60’s through 90’s.  Folks simply don’t have time for doing church simply for the sake of doing church.   As a result, if … Continue reading