Demo Church Windows Software

Want to try out Church Windows church management software?  Read the review and then try the demo.

There are a couple ways to see if Church Windows is for you:

You can request a free demo CD here.

You can watch the free movie about Church Windows here.

Or you can see an overview of Church Windows’ powerful features first-hand! Please join us for a free online “Introduction to Church Windows” demo that outlines the time-saving elements of Church Windows.

Other demos highlight key benefits and features of their respective parts of Church Windows These Webinars are designed specifically for those considering purchasing and investigating the features of Church Windows.

If you’ve never been a part of (or even heard of) a Webinar, it is so easy!

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and either VOIP capability (speakers and an optional microphone connected to your computer) or a telephone near the computer. At times during the presentation, you’ll have a chance to ask questions as well.


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