Save your church website as an app on your phone

Someone asked me recently how to save a web page, specifically a church directory or church website, as an icon on their device home screen.  If you have an online church directory, as many churches do, you may want to have instructions somewhere on your website that will help your congregants save that page of your website as an “app” icon on their phone or tablet.  Or if you want, you can just link to this page from your website and it’s one less thing for you to do today!

Here are instructions for both iOS and Android devices:

For iPhone / iPad

1. Open Safari web browser and browse to the church website or to the actual online church directory page

2. Touch the icon on the safari browser that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. (this is called the “action icon”).

add page as app to iphone


3. Next Safari pop up a little screen that will show a preview of the icon, which will be something from that website. You can also edit the text of the icon link here as well.

add page as app

4. Click “Add” in the upper right corner to add the icon to your iphone or ipad home screen, and your done!


For Android

1. First you need to create a bookmark for the page using the browser on your Android device.

bookmark church directory


 2. Now go to your home page and do an extended touch on an empty part of your home screen.  The “add shortcut” menu will appear. Touch “Bookmark” and then select the bookmark you just made. Presto!

add bookmark as icon android



If you don’t yet have your church directory online, here are some options, or you can just “google it” :)

Online Church Directory – $19/mo

Instant Church Directory – starts at $59/year

Shelby – part of Arena. no pricing available on site (grr..)

Fellowship One – no pricing available on site (grr..)

[update 9/23: here is a brand new one] Servant Keeper Online Church Directory – part of their cloud service

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