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Shepherd’s Staff is church management software for PC’s that has five modules designed to help better manage finance information, membership, contributions, attendance (including secure check-in), and calendar.  You can manage multiple emails, addresses, and phone numbers for each member of your congregation. Analyze pledges and contributions with reports and graphs.  Track equipment usage and inventory. Create calendars for each room, and more.

From the site: Shepherd’s Staff keeps you in control of your changing ministry needs and helps you focus on what matters most—the spiritual care of your members. Whether you’re a ministry leader or administrator, this PC-based software has a solution for the unique needs of your church, from scheduling the calendar to easily organizing contribution information.”

The story:  Concordia Technology Solutions (CTS) is the technology division of Concordia Publishing House (CPH), a not-for-profit church-based organization that has been serving the needs of churches since 1869.  Because of the rich history of CPH and the depth of its employees who also serve their churches in various roles, CTS has a rich understanding of the unique and changing technology needs of God’s people.

What it does:

  • ListsDirectory
  • Member Profiles
  • Membership Management
  • Pledge Management
  • Website Management
  • Donations
  • Accounting
  • Attendance
  • Calendar
  • Check-In


Number of Churches Using: 4-5,000

Typical Customer Size: 250

Purchase Model:  installed

Pros:  made for Lutheran churches.

Cons: old interface is difficult to use

At the end of the day:  Shepherd’s Staff seems to be a decent program.  An update to the interface would be a big help.


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One Response to Shepherd’s Staff church software

  1. Kevin E Pyle

    Shepherd’s Staff was apparently written in MS Access 2003 or earlier. You cannot do any changes to the basic reports or tables without contacting CPH support. The report writer will not let you modify prebuilt reports or create custom versions.

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