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Should we use church software for membership tracking?

Today, more than ever, people who are going to church are looking for something authentic and real.  Many people were jaded by the hypocritical era of the way church ‘happened’ in the 60’s through 90’s.  Folks simply don’t have time for doing church simply for the sake of doing church.   As a result, if a ministry is not sincere, it very likely will not grow.

Probably the biggest part of being sincere is building relationships with people.

The caveat is that relationships contain a lot of information, and therefore require a lot of brain power.  Multiply the relationships and you exponentially increase the amount of information and soon your brain is overloaded.  That is when you start forgetting things, missing appointments, and referring to “Jim” as “Jeff”.

The truth is you didn’t become any less sincere as a minister.  The information simply outgrew your brain.

In the “old days” of the 70’s and 80’s, many of the very ‘successful’ ministers were guys who could keep massive amounts of information in their brain.  If they met someone one time, they would remember their name in the receiving line at a funeral five years later.

Ironically, they weren’t always the most sincere guys, but lets face it, people like it when you remember their name.

Today, you will not remember everything you need to know without the help of a church software or church management software program and there is a lot of ongoing discussion about this on the internet regarding everything from attendance tracking to the church balance sheet.

When needs in the church arise, the leadership needs to both be aware of those needs and be able to connect people in the church who can meet those needs.  When opportunities come up for ministry, the leadership needs to be able to pull up a list of people who are gifted in those areas and start talking with them about the opportunity.  When important dates come up in people’s lives, someone should reach out to them.  Ministers and counselors should be taking notes during counseling or pastoral care sessions so they don’t have to start over at each session.

When you are using great church software to manage all of this information, you will be able to achieve your goal of having a personal, authentic and sincere ministry.

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2 Responses to Should we use church software for membership tracking?

  1. Kim R

    i hate the fact that we need software to do ministry, but it’s pretty hard to keep track of stuff without it. i guess it’s a catch 22?

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