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Top Five Pricing Mistakes Made By Church Software Companies

One of the most important things for people looking for software for their business, ministry, or organization, is comparing prices.  Searching for church management software is not different.  However, many times it becomes very difficult to compare the pricing of programs, and we believe this can be easily fixed, if the vendors are willing. Here are … Continue reading

Ten Reasons to Use Fellowship One Church Software

Here we go, top ten reasons you may want to consider Fellowship One for your next church management software. 1. It’s Web-based. Almost everything is going web-based these days.  You can order a pizza, pay your utility bill, and watch your nanny cam online.  Being able to manage your ministry online is just another part … Continue reading

Top 5 Free Church Software Solutions

Do you use free church software? Rate your experience! For those churches that feel there is just no way they can spare any funds on church management software, there are some other options to enable you to still track donors. Before trying these options, you may want to check out this article regarding the “cost” … Continue reading

Church Community Builder Church Software

Rate CCB yourself! Check out their site: Church Community builder makes web based church management software geared toward helping church members stay connected with one another and stay aware of volunteer opportunities. They state that their main desire is to help your volunteers and paid staff do ministry better.  Their claim to fame is helping you create … Continue reading

Is online church software better than installed church software

To go online or local? That is the question. One of the most popular questions we face these days as church consultants, is whether we think online software is better than installed software. As unpopular as it may be, the answer is, “It all depends.” The main benefits of online church software, or web-based church … Continue reading

Shelby Systems church software

Rate Shelby yourself! Shelby certainly has a good looking website and a robust set of features.  They have web based solutions and installable solutions.  Very large churches may want to consider Arena while smaller churches will consider Church.  With both systems churches can track members, visitors, financials and manage attendance. From the Site: “Since 1976, … Continue reading

Church Windows Church Software

Rate Church Windows yourself! Church Windows software provides an easy way to track the church congregation, its happenings, and its giving. It efficiently handles the church receipts & disbursements, its budget, and its employee payroll.  Church Windows Web is a seamless web app that contains the identical functions, features, flexibility, and reports of Church Windows, … Continue reading


Rate Powerchurch yourself! From the site: “PowerChurch Plus allows you to maintain Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Event Scheduling, and general Record Keeping in one complete church administration software package. It’s complete, it’s powerful, and it’s user-friendly. It is also priced low, so that even small churches can take advantage of the tools we provide.” The Story: … Continue reading

ACS Church Software

Rate ACS yourself! From the site:  ACS technologies has been one of the top selling church software programs for a long time.   Thousands of churches use ACS to run their church.  ACS has a cloud-based service or it can be installed locally throughout your networked church office. The story: ACS Technologies has bought up quite a few … Continue reading