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Shepherd’s Staff church software

Rate Shepherd’s Staff yourself! Shepherd’s Staff is church management software for PC’s that has five modules designed to help better manage finance information, membership, contributions, attendance (including secure check-in), and calendar.  You can manage multiple emails, addresses, and phone numbers for each member of your congregation. Analyze pledges and contributions with reports and graphs.  Track equipment usage and … Continue reading

Should we use church software for membership tracking?

Today, more than ever, people who are going to church are looking for something authentic and real.  Many people were jaded by the hypocritical era of the way church ‘happened’ in the 60’s through 90’s.  Folks simply don’t have time for doing church simply for the sake of doing church.   As a result, if … Continue reading

Servant Keeper church software

Rate Servant Keeper yourself! From the site: “All throughout this intuitive church software program you will continually find yourself saying, “this is so easy!”  For example, when you are searching the church database, this amazing church software lets you quickly find someone by first name or last name or both.  You can search your church … Continue reading

Shelby Systems church software

Rate Shelby yourself! Shelby certainly has a good looking website and a robust set of features.  They have web based solutions and installable solutions.  Very large churches may want to consider Arena while smaller churches will consider Church.  With both systems churches can track members, visitors, financials and manage attendance. From the Site: “Since 1976, … Continue reading