Top Five Reasons to Use Online Giving for Your Church

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Online giving is becoming as common for churches as having a website.  If you’re still not convinced, here are the top five reasons you should implement online giving at your church, ministry, or non-profit.

1. The majority of donors ARE giving online already.

According to a recent study, nearly 60% of donors who give to charities report doing some of their giving online.  This means that more and more of your donors are willing to adopt online giving for their gifts to your ministry.

“The growth in donors using charity websites to make their donations is moving up at a rapid pace,” said Rick Dunham, President+CEO of Dunham+Company. “What is especially telling is the increased engagement of two critical donor demographics: Baby Boomers and females. Women make up the majority of donors in America, and Baby Boomers are by far the most important age demographic for charitable giving.”

2. Many donors are NOT giving through traditional means.

Many donors, especially young adults 18-30, do all of their regular bill-paying and other financial transactions online.  Many “millenials, in fact, do not use checks at all, and seldom carry cash.  If this is the case for your congregants, you will want to consider the consequences of not accepting donations online by debit/credit card.  When you do set up an online donations website, you will see many of these donors set up recurring giving the same way they pay their cable bill and mortgage.  Many ministries see a boost in their overall donations of 10-25% when they are able to engage this often large portion of their congregation.

3. Because of recurring giving, most donors who switch to online giving end up giving more.

Donors who set up recurring giving usually give more (at or above their tithe) and they seldom “miss” a gift.

When you are relying on donors to remember to write and bring checks to church, or to mail in their donations, you can expect a significant portion of donations to be “forgotten”.  It’s very easy for someone to forget their checkbook on Sunday morning or to forget to write the check that month for their giving.

When a donor enrolls in automatic recurring giving, the non-profit recipient can greatly increase the predictability of that donors annual giving.  The average donor “misses” multiple gifts  throughout a typical year.  Not too many donors pay a late tithe.  Preventing just one of those missed payments will far more than cover any costs of online giving, and odds are, you will recapture several gifts that would have been missed.

4. People can easily give at any time.

Are you doing any online fundraising? Is there a missions trip that needs financial support?  Do you have a building fund?

Having an online donation website for giving makes it easier for donors to respond to any of these special giving opportunities.  For example, you can send an email blast to your church members letting them know that a mere $1500 left to complete the missions trip fundraising.  Put a link to your online donation website and often times you will be surprised how quickly the money comes in; and many times you will get more than the requested amount.

With traditional giving you are limited to announcements in church or people taking the time to drop off their donation at the church office.  In this modern day of “everything is done online”, for many donors that just won’t happen.  Some donors will simply not give because they will be discouraged or irritated at your outdated process.

5. Donation tracking is easier.

Good online giving and online fundraising software will integrate with church management software.  This means that reporting on donations collected by check, cash, or online giving all happens in one place.  The advantage with integrated online giving is that the manual entry process disappears, and where the financial secretary would normally have to enter checks one at a time, they now have just a couple mouse clicks to sync the database.

Many financial secretaries and treasurers will tell you that they spend 1/4 the time managing donations as they did before accepting online donations.


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